Pre-conference workshop

The soul of Agrifood Research Network has always been the nurturing of postgraduates and early-career academics, in a more convivial environment while facilitating their engagement with senior academics and, particularly, the keynotes. In previous years, a postgraduate dinner was a must. This year, we’d like to take this to the next level. A pre-conference workshop is an event held on 28-30 November 2017, organized specifically for this group of scholars. The workshop will take on the conference theme, but add up with a specific goal to create an inter-cultural collaborative research and writing environments. This workshop will be aimed at local and international postgraduates, in a two-day intensive discussion where they share data, insights and perhaps build a collaborative paper to be presented at the conference. The workshop will also cover topics such as cross-cultural insights, doing fieldwork in Asia, and research ethics.

Our appreciation to Dr. Katharine Legun and Karly Burch, M.Sc. as the co-program coordinators for this workshop. More information will follow.