Call for Abstracts

Deadline extension of abstract submission: June 30th, 2017

Hi everyone,

We’re letting you know that the deadline for abstract submission is now extended to Friday, June 30th, 2017. Thank you for those of you who have submitted abstracts to the conference. For those of you who haven’t, please be sure to submit yours before or on the given date, so that we can proceed to the conference program as soon as possible. Thank you!

Today, more than ever, developing and developed nations are sharing closer concerns (albeit with different contexts) when it comes to food and agriculture – depletion of arable land and agricultural resources, inter-generational gap among farmers, and the changing face of the global food systems. What can we do for the future of farming? And what can we learn from each others? These questions pushed us to propose a conference theme able to build a North-South dialogue through reflections from one another’s experiences. In regard to this, and by drawing from Indonesia’s networks of agrifood activists, both academics and practitioners, the Conference Organizers have invited two keynote speakers who are prominent in their fields that will speak around a wide, connecting theme:

Food, Youth and the Future of Farming: Towards a Global North-South Dialogue

We are now opening a call for paper abstracts for this year’s meetings. We will accept abstracts on any agri-food related topic, and especially encourage submissions related to the 11 session themes presented below. If your abstract does not directly fit with one of the themes, it will be placed in a session with similar presentations as determined by the Organizers.

We are happy to invite you to submit abstracts by June 30th, 2017. If you wish your presentation to be included in one of the available sessions please indicate your preference.

An online submission form is available at the bottom of this page

 Session 1: Researching the diversity of lived experiences of agri-environmental governance across North-South boundaries

Session 2: Multi-stakeholder Initiatives: Practices, Power Relations, and Implications for the Governing of Agri-Food Sustainability

Session 3: Reimagining Rural Myanmar

Session 4: Financialisation, land investment and food security – North and South

Session 5: Urbanization, food sovereignty and the advantage of collaboration

Session 6: Making Markets: The Technopolitics of Assembling Agrifood Markets

Session 7: Imagining food futures

Session 8: From High Input Agriculture to Agroecology for Quality of Foods, Farm Life and Environment

Session 9: Becoming a Young Farmer: the Role of Youth in Rural Development

Session 10: Exploring the typology of Alternative Food Networks in the Global North and South

Session 11: Understanding the Impact of Rural Migration on Food Production in the Rural Landscape

To submit an abstract, please fill in the form below (or, alternatively, email us at