Quiz Night and Conference Dinner

In keeping with the AFRN tradition, we are delighted to host you in our social events:

beehiveWelcome reception and Quiz Night will be held in a nearby, cozy diner called the Beehive Cafe and Eatery. You will be greeted with a blend of Italian, American, European, Asian and traditional Indonesian cuisines, a friendly atmosphere, and nice beverages. We’d like to welcome our Quiz Master, Hugh Campbell, to the table to concoct a quiz recipe with a mix of oriental flavors in the games (not sure if Hugh even knows a lot about this subject…), and perhaps to enliven the excitement of a Tasting Challenge with a twist!

Quiz night is a buy-your-own.

sierra-bandungConference dinner will take place in a more serious atmosphere up at the northern end of Bandung, a hilly landscape with a scenic city view during the night. Dago is famous for its cafe and restaurant, and we would like to take you to one of its finest. Sierra Cafe and Lounge is a large restaurant with many dining areas, both indoor and up on the balcony, with a total capacity of up to 700 guests. The restaurant offers a variety of menus, from continental to oriental and traditional Indonesian cuisine, including the famous Oxtail soup, Balinese Ayam Betutu, and many more. We’ll take you to explore this while enjoying the cool Bandung upland.

We will provide bus that will take you from ITB campus and/or hotel.

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