Call for Session Proposals

Today, more than ever, developing and developed nations are sharing closer concerns (albeit with different contexts) when it comes to food and agriculture – depletion of arable land and agricultural resources, inter-generational gap among farmers, and the changing face of the global food systems. What can we do for the future of farming? And what can we learn from each others? These questions pushed us to propose a conference theme able to build a North-South dialogue through reflections from one another’s experiences. In regard to this, and by drawing from Indonesia’s networks of agrifood activists, both academics and practitioners, the Conference Organizers have invited two keynote speakers who are prominent in their fields that will speak around a wide, connecting theme:

Food, Youth and the Future of Farming: Towards a Global North-South Dialogue

It is therefore our great pleasure to invite you to submit Session Proposals that form part of the discussion around the main theme, or, as a tradition in AFRN, to engage with other compelling areas of current agrifood scholarship, in the hope that we might find coherence in understanding the challenges that we currently face.

Please submit a brief session proposal (500 words max) by March 15th, 2017 to, or contact us for any inquiries.

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